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Wishing you and your family all the joys of the holiday season!!

by Anna M. Matthews

There's nothing quite like Christmas!
The fragrance, sights and sounds,
Where love for friends and neighbors
Just ev'rywhere abounds.
There's cookies in the oven -
You smell them at the door...
Cranberries and the turkey,
With pudding, pie and more!
The tinsel and the garland's
Reflecting in the light,
And brightly ribboned presents
Are keeping secrets tight.
The flicker of the candles
Makes shadows on the wall
Where distant fam'ly members
Will gather, one and all.
An echo of the sleigh bells
Just seems to fill the air;
The sparkle of the snowflakes
Is one of beauty rare.
There's mistletoe and holly
And Christmas angels, too,
The village church is open...
Its bell is calling you.
Christ really is the reason
We celebrate today...
We enter in to worship
In our own quiet way.
The singing of the carols
Brings joy to ev'ry heart...
Majestically, the organ
Chimes in to do its part.
That warm and special feeling
When Christmastime is here,
Should be a part of living
Each day throughout the year!